We all have them.  At what point do we learn to control them and live freely?

ego 2.jpeg

Just like anything else in life, this is a choice we always have.  Either we control it, or it controls us.  You’ll always know which is which based on your emotions.  If you are feeling in a place of high frequency where good feelings and emotions are flowing to you, then you are most likely living true to your authentic self.  If you are feeling low vibrations and negative emotions such as sadness, jealousy, insecurities, etc…then chances are you are being controlled by your ego.  Feeling frozen, scared, unsure…it is all the same.  You are letting emotions based on fear of failure and fear of bruising your ego stop you from making any choices or changes in your life.

ego osho.jpeg

Stop thinking and start living.  Don’t let your mind keep you from being true to yourself and your potential.

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