5 Ways to Find Cheap Flights

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to jet around the world so easily?  Nowadays there are so many ways to find great deals on flights and here are some sites and tips to help get you started.

1. Skyscanner

This site is a great way to find deals all over the world.  If you don’t have a destination in mind, you can even use the feature of searching everywhere to see which places have the best deals at the moment.

2. Google Flights

Another great way to see an overview of the cheapest dates to travel and suggested trips from your preferred city.  Google Flights offers a variety of options to help find the lowest prices.

3. Momondo

This site will show you the cheapest rates for your flight preferences.  You can even search by continent if you’re feeling really adventurous!

4. Award Travel

Every airline has reward programs using frequent flier miles.  So the more you travel, the more you can earn.  Also, using credit card reward programs helps.  Read my blog all about using credit cards to earn free flights here.  I recommend always saving your miles for the most expensive trips.

5. Travel Search Engines

There are TONS of basic sites that do the searching for you, and below I’ve named a few of my favorites and also some secret tips to consider when booking.

  • Be flexible The more flexible you are with your travel dates and cities, the easier it is to find a great deal and the more options you will have!  Sometimes a quick drive to a neighboring city or a change in your dates will save you a great amount in cost or travel time.
  • Consider one-way tickets vs round trip or multi-city travel This can save you time and money if you plan on visiting multiple destinations.  It’s also especially helpful when traveling abroad.  So many people think you need to fly in and out of the same city when really nowadays you can find great deals using one-way flights.  This also gives you the option to explore more places!
  • When booking a flight within the U.S. most carriers offer a 24-hour flex period where you can cancel your flight if needed.  So if you happen to find a better deal, or the prices or your plans have changed, as long as you are within the 24-hour period, you can always call the airline and cancel it without worries!
  • Tuesdays are known to be the cheapest to search for travel.
  • Travel engines use cookies and tend to increase the fares when you have been searching for them repeatedly, so use a private web browser when checking prices.
  • Always double check the prices on the airline’s direct website before actually booking through a third party.  Sometimes the rates can be slightly cheaper this way.

Kayak – A site that collects the results of all the major search engines, this is a great one to check for an overview of all prices.

Orbitz – This site has always been my go to.  It rounds up most airlines and shows you the best deals for your preferred travel dates.  Sometimes it will even give you a glimpse into the prices for the entire month.

Priceline – The name your own price tool is a great option if you have a lot of flexibility and want to get a good last minute deal.

Happy Travels! Xo


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