A Glimpse of Marrakech Magnificence

Top Things to Do in Marrakech:

When it comes to visiting this colorful city there are endless amounts of things to do and see.  Known for its vibrant markets, handmade textiles and jewelry, intricate details, stunning architecture, and delicious food, Marrakech is absolutely a sight to be seen.

1. Explore the Medina

Take in the scents and colors of the markets and the busy old streets of the medina of Marrakech. Feeling as though you are going back in time, walking the medina is an experience in itself.  Endless shopping, haggling, and people watching await you here.  Just be careful, and I recommend staying with a group, as it can get quite hectic and a bit intimidating at times (especially for a female traveler).  Also, don’t be surprised if the process of negotiating the prices takes awhile. Bargaining is a way of life in Morocco and even the locals have to do it.

Touring one of the many handmade Moroccan rug stores of the medina
The spices and scents of Morocco.
Sweet little stray cats found throughout the medina.

2. Experience a Hammam

Similar to a Turkish bath, this unique spa experience is unlike any other typical spa treatment found in the States. Starting with a soak or steam room, then followed by a scrub down and body masque, and ending with a shampoo and then the option for a massage treatment…this is the ultimate pampering experience to leave you nice and refreshed! The choices for this treatment in Marrakech are endless, but here are a few suggestions for some of the best hammam treatments based on cost and your preference for level of luxury.

Low-cost Hammam Option: Place des Épices

This was without a doubt an experience.  An hour of relaxation starting with women playfully splashing you in the face with buckets of warm water before lying down and relaxing in a steam room. Then the scrub down, masque and shampoo. Followed by a 45-minute massage treatment all for only $35USD.

Median-cost Hammam Option: Le Bain Bleu

Probably my favorite spot in all of Marrakech was this stunning riad and spa. Not only was it a great place for a hammam, but the rooftop restaurant was the perfect spot to lounge and drink some mint tea while reading a book or relaxing. With good vibes and gorgeous garden views throughout, I highly recommend adding a visit to this spot to your agenda while in Marrakech.  The hammam and massage combo is all found for around only $65USD.

The stunning pool views of the Le Bain Bleu riad as seen from above.
Pool vibes of Le Bain Bleu.
Enjoy a glass of herbal mint tea anywhere and everywhere you go. The ultimate way to relax or end a spa treatment!

Luxury Hammam option:

Royal Mansour or La Mamounia

If you don’t mind breaking the bank a bit (or paying the same you would in the States but for even more for your money) then these two spots are for you. For starting at around only $140USD you can have the ultimate hammam spa experience, including access to all of the stunning pools and lounge areas that these resorts have to offer. Both have magnificent properties and incredible spas with endless photo ops everywhere you look and ultimate relaxation opportunities throughout.

The Spa of Royal Mansour
The Spa of La Mamounia

3. Stay in a Riad

Part of the fun in Marrakech is the riads, aka large traditional houses built around courtyards. What a better way to experience one than to stay in it? There are literally hundreds of remarkable riads tucked away in every corner and built-in throughout the medina of old town Marrakech.  Either rent a room or travel with a group and rent the whole place through Airbnb and indulge in the experience of these stunning buildings.

Lounging views from above.
The perfect spot for some fun photo ops, everything found inside the riads of Marrakech is photogenic.
Rooftop vibes make for the perfect spot for some yoga, meditation, and lounging.

I’d love to hear, is Marrakech on your bucket list!?

Happy and safe travels everyone! XO

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