Top 10 Things to Do in Tulum

With so many things to see and do, including some of the most spectacular nature, it’s no wonder that Tulum is becoming one of Mexico’s hottest travel destinations. Here’s a list of 10 things to do to make sure you maximize your time in this tropical paradise!

1. Explore the cenotes 

Some of the most beautiful sites to see in Tulum are the unlimited nearby cenotes- deep underground natural water filled sinkholes surrounded by limestone caves and caverns. The cenotes are most definitely something that needs to be on your itinerary when visiting Tulum!

Cenote Calavera

Located just outside of the main town of Tulum, this is one of the closest, easiest, and coolest cenotes to explore!

Gran Cenote

Another dreamy spot close to town and perfect for snorkeling and exploring the beautiful turquoise waters!

Suytun Cenote

Probably my favorite cenote that we visited. Located a bit further and about an hour drive out of Tulum, on the way to Chichen Itza, this magical spot is a must see!

2. Visit the Ruins

Tulum is known to be an energy vortex and the best way to experience the magical energy of the Mayan culture is to visit the ruins. Whether you explore the nearby Tulum Ruins, the Mayan Ruins of Muyil, or take a road trip to visit Chichen Itza- one of the wonders of the world, the opportunities to get a glimpse of the magic that is the Mayan history are endless!

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza, where you can do as the Mayans would. One of the top wonders of the world and only a two hour drive away from Tulum, these ancient pyramids are most definitely worth the trip! Grab a rental car and check it out and be sure to spend the day exploring some cenotes on your way back as well.

3. Visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a 1.3 million acre UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers endless natural beauty to explore and discover. Take a day trip to visit the park either on your own or with a guide. You can also visit the Muyil River located in Sian Ka’an for a fun day of boating and floating down ancient Mayan river canals. Get there early and save some time to visit the Muyil Archaeological Ruins and park while you are there!

4. Wander and Explore

Whether it be by bike, ATV or rental car, be sure to explore the area outside of your hotel. Check out the main town strip for some great local market shopping and endless authentic restaurants and coffee shops.

5. Have Some Photo Fun!

Tulum is a known destination for some of the most Instagramable spots in the world, so love it or hate it, have some fun with it and be sure to get some great shots. Everything in Tulum is a vibe…so wander and explore all the beautiful spots to see!

The beautiful artsy hotel entrance located in front of Selina on the beach.
Located just outside of Ahau Tulum, more artsy vibes that Tulum is so well known for. (Heads up that this spot almost always has a long line to get a photo in front!)
The well known ‘Follow that Dream’ sign – located just outside the Lolita & Lolita boutique on the far end of the main beach strip.
This swing at Matcha Mama is another well known photo spot as well as a great place to get a delicious smoothie bowl or matcha latte!

6. Indulge in the Food

Tulum is a foodie’s paradise! Whether you are eating local 50 cent tacos, or fresh seafood on the beach, the food options are incredible. For some of the most delicious inexpensive and authentic Mexican tacos check out Antojitos in the main town as well as Yum Street Food Taco Place El Tio – a little food truck next to the Oxxo on the main road. If you’re looking for a fancier meal and great atmosphere, have dinner at Kin Toh at Azulik where you’ll find the ultimate tree house restaurant experience.

Lunch views at Mina on the beach- one of my favorite spots where you can find these ocean views, delicious food, and great vibes!
The octopus at Mina is also a must!

7. Take a snorkel or fishing trip!

One of my favorite days in Tulum was when we went snorkeling and my friends went spearfishing. The water in Tulum is pure magic- so be sure to jump in and experience it! Freshly made ceviche and views of the ruins from a different angle were some of the many highlights!

8. Embrace your spiritual side!

Tulum is a known hot spot for all things wellness. So while you’re there be sure to take a yoga class, join a meditation or sound bath, get a healing spa treatment or try out a temazcal. The options for all things spiritual are unlimited so be sure to leave some time for it…your soul will most definitely thank you!

Holistika Tulum where you can find the ultimate jungle and spiritual vibes! A great place to relax, heal, & connect with a plethora of mindful activities to choose from!
Be sure to take a yoga class when visiting Holistika!
Check out Tierra Restaurant at Holistika for yummy conscious vegan and vegetarian food and smoothie bowls that will give you all the Bali vibes!

9. Stay in an Eco Friendly Resort

Tulum is known for it’s eco beach resorts, and one of the most eco friendly and sustainable properties on the beach strip is Olas Tulum. This intimate eight-suite boutique retreat villa is tucked away on the most private stretch of the beach. If you are looking for a little slice of heaven with authentic and original Tulum vibes, then this is the spot for you! Located on the beautiful southern stretch of Tulum beach, just next to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, this is also the only property that operates 100% sustainably on the entire beach.

The stairway to heaven at Olas Tulum – the perfect place to escape the crowds.
Bright and airy rooms and super cozy beds where you can hear the sound of the ocean make Olas Tulum resort’s ocean front rooms the perfect place for the ultimate getaway! (A little sidenote: The property does not use AC…but the unique design of the building was built to ensure a beautiful natural cool breeze throughout the day and night!)
The ultimate tropical vibes at Olas Tulum.
Farm to table fresh ingredients served everyday for the most delicious meals and daily breakfasts at Olas Tulum.
The pathway to the private and most stunning beach on the strip located at Olas Tulum.
The perfect escape and hammock heaven at Olas Tulum.
One of the many highlights of the property is the rooftop yoga shala views that overlook the jungle and ocean making this spot at Olas Tulum one of the most peaceful places to find your zen!

10. Don’t Forget to Leave Time to Relax…

Last but not least and most importantly, take some me-time and enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches that surround you! Although Tulum is quickly gaining popularity and becoming busier and busier with things to do, don’t forget to embrace the simplicity of the nature that made this destination so special to begin with!

Have any questions about visiting Tulum? Leave a note in the comments below!

Happy traveling!



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***Disclaimer: Special thanks to Olas Tulum for hosting me on this stay. All opinions are my own.

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