Visiting Hoi An Vietnam

Vietnam is full of so much beauty, charm, and culture and the town of Hoi An is without a doubt one of the best to see.  Not to mention that the Vietnamese people were some of the most incredibly hospitable encountered in all of my travels.

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Where to Stay: Le Pavillon Hoi An Boutique Hotel

This hotel was so charming and luxurious for the cost of only around $35/night.  The hotel stay includes a delicious breakfast buffet, offers amazing spa services for great rates, bike rentals and a beautiful pool to lounge and relax.


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Top 5 Things to Do:

1. Visit The Beach

Hoi An is nestled right next to beautiful beaches, which is all the more reason this destination was one of my favorites when visiting Vietnam.IMG_9263IMG_0297 2

2. Explore the Town

Full of sparkling lanterns and beauty, this is a great place to get lost.  Endless shopping and delicious food combined with beautiful French-influenced architecture make the town of Hoi An an absolute delight to explore.

Rent a bike & explore for the day! 🙂

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Hoi An by night
Enjoying the delicious pho!

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3. Shop the Markets & Tailor Shops

If you love shopping, then this is the place for you!  There are hundreds of tailor shops where you can get any type of custom made clothing you may desire: everything from silk suits to dresses, tops, bikinis or high-quality leather goods all for an excellent affordable price.


4. Explore Marble Mountain

Hoi An is also a great location for day trips to Marble Mountain where magnificent temples are built into the mountain and the views of the surrounding area are incredible.



5. Visit the town of Hue

Located only a few hours away from Hoi An is the historic town of Hue.  Full of stunning ancient temples, this is another must-do when visiting Vietnam.  You can either do a day trip from Hoi An or choose to spend some time staying in this ancient city.



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