Vision Board Journaling

One of the most powerful tools that we have in life is to set our intentions and a great way to do this is through journaling. I find that it helps me focus my energy on properly attaining the right mindset to attract the things I’d like into my life. Combining vision boards and journaling makes this energy that much more powerful to help manifest our dreams and goals.

So what exactly is a vision board journal? It’s when you create a vision board on the outside of a notebook or planner and combine these two powerful tools to help raise your vibration and increase your law of attraction.  Think about how much you love using a cute new journal or notepad and now imagine how much more you’ll love it when you were the creator. It’s very powerful!

(Read more about creating a vision board here.)


Here are some different journaling ideas to help get you started…


↬Gratitude Journals

“Gratitude is the best attitude.”

We know how important our thoughts are in creating our life experiences and how much we focus on gratitude is one of the key factors in attaining a happy life and mindset.  Beginning each morning when you wake up or evening before bed with some journaling is a great way to do this.

To start, when creating the vision board, think about what things you’re most grateful for and as always what you’d like to focus your energy on attaining more of. This will help guide you and whenever you use this journal it will be a reminder of those things.

Once you create the habit of using it daily and keeping your energy focused on the right things the law of attraction and momentum will take over and you should begin to notice a shift in your overall mood and happiness! 🙂

↬Diary of experiences

Who knew that diaries weren’t just for kids? It’s so therapeutic to express ourselves and put our thoughts down on paper. Whether it be something you do daily, weekly, monthly, or on a special occasion such as a trip or retreat, this is a great therapeutic tool.

I enjoy creating new vision board journals specifically for each trip I take. It keeps all my memories and feelings in one spot and is a great thing to look back on along with my photos. During travels, it can also be easier to make time for this, depending on the type of trip you’re on.

Just try to focus your writing on good feelings to help create more of the same versus using it as a tool to vent frustrations about things that you aren’t too keen on. Just like verbalizing things, writing down the things you do not like is just putting more momentum and energy into those exact things and lowering your vibrational level. So as always, try to focus on the good and use any contrast to think about what you would like instead and you should start to see yourself attracting more of that.

↬List making/organizing tool

Who else love making lists!? It’s something that I find to be so happy and energizing. It helps to get things off your mind and also helps manifest things to action.  Sometimes I’m shocked when looking back at a list I’ve made previously and the way things have come to life. Sure, we have Pinterest boards for that now too, but a hard copy list is always a nice thing to have as well.  You can make a list of your wanderlust wishes, career goals, new experiences you wish to have, etc.  Whatever it is you will see in time how it all will begin to come to life.  There is just something about putting things down on paper that helps solidify attracting it into our vortex.

↬Note Taking  

When reading some people like to highlight, jot down notes, use sticky notes, etc.  For me, I also love using a journal to keep track of the things that stand out most to me when reading something powerful. It’s easier to refer back to when your notes are all in one place and it’s a great little trip down memory lane of those aha moments when learning some useful information.

It’s also a great way to keep track of quotes, important ideas or ways of thinking and then add your own thoughts and opinions to these things.  So the next time you are reading something powerful that you don’t want to forget, grab your journal and jot it down.

↬Key Word Journaling

Sometimes it can feel hard to think of a focus for our writing when journaling so that’s why I like to cut out certain words or phrases while creating a vision board and then use them later to focus my journaling. It helps spark your thoughts to get your writing started.


If you are anything like me, you love to use calendars and planners to plan things out. There is something about organizing your time and looking forward to upcoming trips and events or even just the new year or upcoming months and seasons (it must be the teacher in me).

There are obviously so many ways to use a planner, whether it be creating a schedule, meal planning/prep, workouts, classes, balancing your time and energy or just basic to-do lists. If you add a vision board to this it can help make this tool that much stronger.

I’ve also heard that the planning and anticipation of a trip or event can actually be part of the most euphoric, so why not dedicate an entire journal to it? This is a great way to organize your itinerary ideas, flight notes, photos, things you’d like to do or see, etc.

↬Vision Board Books

Sometimes I like to create a little mini book of different types of vision boards mixed with notes or quotes. It can also be fun to categorize them by topics such as food, travel, family, relationships, etc. and then create the little book out of it.  You can even put something like this on your coffee table with any other books you might have laid out so your friends and guests can have a look at it too! 🙂

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