Advanced 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training in India

Life always has a way of bringing you to the exact place you need at the right moment in time. That type of synchronicity is how I found my advanced training program with Indra Yoga Institute. After completing my 200 Hour YTT in Bali, along with two years of building experience as a yoga teacher, I knew that I was ready to take my learning to the next level by signing up for a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  It was always a dream of mine to complete this next training in India, where yoga first originated, which is what led me to my incredible 300 HR YTT experience with Indra Yoga Institute in Goa, India.

Here’s a little mini video glimpse into the 25 immersive days of learning, laughter, love, community, and gratitude.

***If you’re interested in taking your own Advanced YTT, whether it be online or an immersive travel experience, I highly recommend Indra Yoga Institute. (Let them know I sent you for a special $200 discount off the tuition cost!)***

Michelle Indra Yoga Institute 300 Testimonial

To me, yoga is somewhat of a metaphor for life. Extending far beyond asana (the poses); it is about the meaning, learning, mindset, connection, and stillness behind it all. Whether it be the growth that is experienced through challenges, learning how to overcome fears or struggles, the communities being built, the walls and barriers that it breaks down, the self-love that it teaches, the connection with the breath, the heart, the love, and oneness of it all, or knowing that any single person, anywhere can start where they are. That they can connect with their breath while learning to become the best version of themselves.

Yoga is about going inward. Learning. Reflecting. Growing. Becoming. Transforming. Seeing the beauty in all. And most of all loving. Loving the process. Loving the journey. Loving all things. And especially loving yourself. The transformation that takes place in the cocoon of an immersive YTT is hard to put into words, but it is without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences you can encounter.

Yoga shala views
The walkway to our yoga shala at Devarya Wellness
That India bliss
Coconut pool lounge lunch breaks at Devarya Wellness
Morjim Beach views in Goa, India
More coconuts and fruit stand explorations
Sunset bliss
Field trip to a local temple
Goa_India_Temple_YTT300_Indra Yoga
Temple explorations
Alyssa Dance India
My dear new friend and training roomie Alyssa spinning in the sunlight during one of our many celebrations. Photo captured by IG: @gfort
The start of new friendships and life long bonds
Full moon ceremony celebrations
Yoga bliss vibes at Devarya Wellness


If you’ve ever considering taking your learning to the next level, take the jump and sign up for a training. I can assure you that it will be a rewarding and life-changing experience that will forever leave your heart with a little more bliss and love.



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